Jayrn Bone Styling by Malak Kader

Jayrn Bone in a Nipsey Hussle inspired look, Malak Kader takes a unconventional perspective on a man’s suit.The blue color is liberating and while choosing the different shades of blue on the lapel to frame the face. Not to mention the open suit jacket made this style risky and sexy. The satin fabric gave comfortability, along with shine and pulled the monochromatic textures together perfectly. She topped off this style for Jaryn Bone with hints of gold in the accessories. She wanted to bring a sense of royalty to the look.

Most people do not know that she actually enjoys styling men more on some occasions. Malak truly believes that as a woman it says a lot when you can style a man and be confident in the look that you choose. Men’s fashion can appear simpler to some,  but the fit, style and designer of choice makes this process much more complex.

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